Donegal Mammy loves making memories!

Long after our little darlings grow up and leave us with empty nest syndrome, photos and drawings and memories will be what brings us back to those happy days of childhood.

We will marvel at how that tiny little baby grow fitted the now big strong football player of a son of ours or how the first birthday dress of our little princess fits one of her dolls perfectly.  Even in extended family we will remember that special dress our own Donegal Mammy wore to our wedding and how Donegal Daddy picked his tie to suit her colour scheme… or more likely it was us who  picked it out for him!!

Anyway today’s guest blogger is Melissa Coffey from Honey Stitches, Melissa takes all these beautiful pieces of cloth and stitches them with love to weave a mountain of memories for Donegal Mammy… Ill let her tell you more and she is also going to tell us what else we can do with all our unwanted little garments!

Top 3 Things To Do With Old Baby Clothes

By Melissa Coffey – HoneyStitches

So my daughter turned 4 earlier this year and I have only recently tackled the job I have been hiding from for the last 3 years – getting rid of her outgrown clothing. In the beginning she grew out of her clothes so quickly and I just popped them in a box out of the way to sort out at a later date, keeping some special ones aside to be made into keepsakes. Well the later date kept getting later, and the boxes kept multiplying, luckily at a slower rate after the first year!

Now, if you’re a Crafty Mammy and handy with a sewing machine you could upcycle those clothes into new clothes or any number of cool projects you have pinned on your Pinterest board, but what if you’re not or you just don’t have the time? Well, I’ve compiled a list of ideas of what to do with your babies or kids outgrown clothing that take very little effort!

1. Donate Them.

You could pass them on to family or friends with younger children or a new baby on the way or take them to a charity shop. There are also various organisations locally who have people come into their care who would make good use of them, such as:

  • Donegal Foster Care Association via St. Conals,
  • Donegal Women’s Shelter via Donegal Women’s Domestic Violence Service

2. Sell Them.

There are a few ways to sell your kids clothes locally:

  • Letterkenny Babies’ facebook page have a thread posted every Monday where you can list items to sell.
  • There are markets around the North West every few months where you can pay for a table and sell any of your preloved baby and children’s items.
  • Sell them by the kilo for instant cash.

3. Have Another Baby!

That way you don’t have to actually get rid of them yet.

Easiest option yet, right?

In fact if you just keep having babies you can keep postponing dealing with the stash of clothes building up in your house.

Okay, so maybe it would be easier to just sort them out….

If you find that you still can’t bear to part with some or all of your little ones clothing and want a practical way to hold on to your special memories, feel free to give me a call!

You could have them transformed into cuddly keepsake bears or animals or beautiful keepsake quilts or blankets to cover every bed in your house, keep you warm and cosy, and remind you of the many cute and adorable and frustrating things your little angels got up to while wearing them!

You can check out HoneyStitches’ Keepsakes at the craft fair in The Courtyard Shopping Centre, Letterkenny on the first Tuesday of each month.

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